SLUDGEBUCKET - Kelly Waldrip(bass/vocals/music), Marc Kaufman-drums





Sludgebucket is a stoner-metal trio that was formed in Oakland California in early 2006 by bassist/vocalist/songwriter Kelly Waldrip with the help of good friends guitarist John Santos and drummer Douglas Weldy.  The idea was to take the vibe of 60s and 70s psychedelic heavy blues rock, early doom bands and fuse it with progressive, punk, metal, and sludge.  Their self titled debut CD was recorded and released in 2007, offering a heavy mix of sludgy fuzzed guitar, winding bass lines, pounding drums, and howling vocals all tied together through flowing odd meters.  Through the years they played clubs and continued to write and record music until the tragic passing of guitarist and collaborator John Robert Santos in March 2009.  Sludgebucket reemerged in late 2009 on the Oakland music scene and to this day continues to rehearse, record, and perform in the East Bay Area, California. 


Past Members: John Santos, Doug Weldy, Tom Perry, Max Adams, Jordan Watts, Rob Sandolo, Brad Reisinger, Dave Byrd.



Heavy dropped tuned guitar and bass with pounding drums and howling vocals with music ranging from bluesy to progressive, sludgy to fast, and everything in between.


 Current members: Kelly Waldrip-bass/vocals, Marc Kaufman-drums


Influences Include

Black Sabbath, High On Fire, Motorhead, Cream, The Atomic Bitchwax, Kyuss, Jimi Hendrix, Sleep, Neurosis, Clutch, St. Vitus, Core, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, MELVINS, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Blue Cheer, and the list goes on.